The Mine

2011-03-21 18:00:36 by 00-BEN-00

oh, yeah, The Mine is finished!

I also uploaded a version to newgrounds, the quality is pretty bad.. I'll re-upload it when I've found a sollution to The Grand After Effects And Flash Combining Problem (TGAEAFCP)

for moar infos:

EDIT: the newgrounds version now has youtube quality! (I solved TGAEAFCP)

The Mine

Oh my Gawd.

2011-01-12 14:56:19 by 00-BEN-00

I really should update this thingy more often 0-o

well, this is my latest video:

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For more updates, here's my blog:

Update. about time.

2010-07-31 18:40:30 by 00-BEN-00

Long time no posts, eh?

I finished that CKV-project:

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I also made a short animation called The Cube of Forgettyness-ish

And I made a short film with my friends, planning at making a huge film during next school-year.

Now I'm working on The Mine

Update. about time.

latest news (at least when I wrote this)

2010-01-30 14:52:40 by 00-BEN-00

Hunted is finished and stuff..
I'm currently working on a CKV-project for school.

Also my next animation will be "The Mine".

latest news (at least when I wrote this)

Finished Windows What

2009-09-20 11:18:33 by 00-BEN-00

Windows What is finished!
Now I'm working on a short animation called "It's a Bird".
After that I'm going to make a Halloween episode, the script is almost finished :D

Jeroen's laptop isn't broken anymore! :D

Now we can finish the animation, though I'm only at Scene 1 (of 3). Autodesk Maya is too interesting! (CLICK)
From now I'll try to first finish this animation and do the maya and stuff later. Starting tomorrow (I made a 'ghost paper plane' animation today).

Jeroen's laptop isn't broken anymore!

A bit later..

2009-05-27 13:59:36 by 00-BEN-00

Jeroen's laptop is broken, so he can't animate now..
not sure how long it's gonna take.

A bit later..

A Flashy Life

2009-04-21 14:49:34 by 00-BEN-00

I'm still working on the first episode of: a Flashy Life (name)

The main characters are:
- Ben (myself)
- Kevin (himself)
- Nerv based upon Wouter
- Hachigo based upon Jeroen
- Roger based upon Björn

Jeroen is also going to animate it (I have to teach him how to FLASH).

A Flashy Life

Introduction Movie

2009-03-30 10:25:03 by 00-BEN-00

I'm now working on my first (real) Flash Movie. It's called the Introduction Movie, maybe i'll change that.
It probably takes a while..